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In 2003, Savory opened its first location in downtown Toronto. Focussed entirely on serving the perfect food, the tiny take-out restaurant located in the city's busy Entertainment District created a sensation in the area winning praise from food critics and numerous people's choice awards.

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Why do people choose us?

Savory has received numerous awards including: Best Lunch from the readers of Eye Magazine

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Menu for every taste

Whether your vegan, vegetarian, a meat lover or prefer international cuisine, we've got you covered.

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Fresh ingredients everyday

Fresh produce and ingredients are delivered everyday at open from the local market.

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Experienced chefs

Our chefs have a combined 30+ years in the culinary industry, they're great and love what they do.


We are ready to serve you

We have a combined 30+ years in the culinary industry, we love food and we love what we do.


Trevor Belmont

Sous Chef


Adrian Tepes

Head Chef


Jack Bauer

Pastry Chef

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Due to COVID-19 regulations, our opening times have been adjusted.

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Our Cajan Burger has been bussin', so we're gonna give you a little extra.


What our visitors say

We've been in business a very long time, hear what our clients have to say about their experience with us.


Amazing Customer Service!

I went to Savory in Toronto last night and I must say I get very EXCITED whenever I visit and have good food . This was the best Italian Food I have tasted in Toronto by far.

user 1

Harry Potter


Best Cheeseburgers ever!

We are so glad that Savory found a new place to call home. We visited on Friday and loved the new space. The place was full which we were happy to see. Best burgers ever!

user 1

Ronald Weasley


Quality Service always!

Superb food, amazing service and staff. You won’t find better, fresher food in Toronto. Owner/chef is an Italian gentleman who lived in the UK and moved to Canada.

user 1

Hermoine Granger


They always take care of me

The best word to describe Savory is INCREDIBLE! The food is so fresh and delicious. Our favs are any of the handmade pastas. Great wine selection as well!

user 1

Hermoine Granger


Some of the best food I've eaten!

We visit Savory on as often as we can and every meal is Absolutely delicious never been disappointed keep up the good work

user 1

house slytherin


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Cooking Tips & Recipes

Learn cooking tips, tricks and recipes from out chefs.

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Enhance your meal flavours

Wanna enhance the flavours for your next meal? Learn the tips our chefs use to make our food taste word class and give it that extra zest.

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jack bauer


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Creamy Shrimp Pasta

Featured in Food Blogger Magazine, our head chef created this recipe over 10+ years ago. Learn how he did it and how you can add your own personal spin on it.

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adrian tepes


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Becoming a better Chef

Becoming a chef is not easy, but if you follow a few guidelines from our own experts, maybe we can help make your journey just a little bit easier.

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trevor belmont



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